★ Book Smart : Fa La La ★

fa la la

December we will introduce a book on the theme of Christmas.

This time is “Fa La La” of the image.


This painting, of American children picture book writer Leslie  Patricelli, and I was found 

People quite American picture book communication!

Book a baby on the cover was the hero, now it is sold in countries around the world


In the United States, it is indebted to this picture book when you grow for the first time baby

People often unlikely to become. This cute and charming babies

big world to see is that reflected in the fresh to even adult baby

It is attractive.



This picture book, various things is to be able to enjoy a period of up to Christmas

It comes out. For example, “making gingerbread house.”

The house that uses a cookie dough using ginger, and Ya icing

It will decorate with candy.

In recent years, the shop that sells kits in Japan has also been increasing.


And, Christmas tradition even to take a commemorative photo with Santa.

The American shopping mall, Santa House appeared,

To take the Santa Claus and commemorative photo sitting in front of the sofa of the tree

I often children that we are looking forward.


Of course, even to take to perfect for very small infants

Difficult, we go up the photo you are crying, but also including

It is to become memories.

Baby picture book also, while the various mischief to Santa

Finally we have cheese with a smile.


Last chorus ♪ everyone

Some of the Christmas song, such as the slogan “Farara ~”

Well lyrics comes out. The syllable is no particular meaning, but Christmas

It has become a word that is reminiscent of.

You may look and small children in front most is I “there?”

It has a face.


Christmas is too happy, you’ve sung in a loud voice is too fun

I’d like.


Day by day cold is Tsunoru this time.

But it would Pokkapoka in always filled thoughts in my mind.

Such a Christmas also like to spend everyone.


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