‘One-Off’ Insect Tracing




これには画像のトレーシング・ワークシートのような1回限りのものも含まれます。 この場合、プライベートレッスンの生徒さんが真っ新なワークシートから自発的に行います。Teacher側がオブジェクト(昆虫)を描き、話を聞いてから、それをつづり、一緒に話す事で自分のものにしていきます。目の前の5歳の子供に、単に外国語の単語を覚えさせるのではなく、記憶を作成します。ここが他の英会話スクールとの違いだと思います。


We do our best to differentiate ourselves from other English schools by creating our own, unique curriculum; worksheets, workbooks, posters, videos, flashcards, games, etc. Up until this point at least 95% of all of our content is made in house. That also includes one-offs like this tracing worksheet. A one-off is a one of a kind, in this case done spontaneously for a single student in a private lesson. Watching our teacher draw the object (insects) and then spell it out and talk about it briefly creates a memory, instead of simply trying to make a five year old child remember word in a foreign language. We do our best to engage our student and have fun.